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This Animal Totem is the Weasel – Stealth and Silent Observation

Through silent observation you will be able to see beneath the surface of any given situation or any person’s motives or their underlying secrets. Using your intuition you will be able to draw honest conclusions from your observations. This also applies to yourself and your actions. Trusting your powers of observation and intuition will help you become successful at pursuing your goals while avoiding problems or trouble.

Weasel medicine is rather quite simple in description but difficult to master.

Do you trust your intuition? How are your powers of observation? Do you only look at the surface of situations or easily believe in what you are being told? Do you hastily rush to conclusions or do you take your time? Do you openly share your “suspicions” or do you keep them to yourself and continue to silently observe? Can you be honest about the underlying motives for the things you say or do? Can you see who or what needs attention and offer assistance in a quiet or discreet way? Keep asking yourself questions similar to the ones above to determine your message from Weasel.

Crystals that can help you remember Weasel’s message are:

Blue Kyanite
Blue Topaz
Golden Tiger Eye
Lapis Lazuli
Leopardskin Jasper
Ruby in Fuchsite