Magickal Compendium – Hauntings – Personal Encounters – Guess Who Came To Dinner

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From when we first moved into our house, my husband and I had the feeling that there was something going on in our home. The very first incident occurred when we were having dinner. We had a bag near our refrigerator where we keep recyclables, and both of us witnessed this bag swinging on its own. There was no breeze. Nothing. But the bag started moving, and it startled us both. Things started occurring after that…things that I would almost describe as curious, as though something was just watching us because we were new in the home.

My husband and I had experiences when we felt like we were being touched. Again, one time at dinner my husband had just started eating, and he said, “Someone just touched me on the back.” Another time, I was painting—I’m an artist—and I was doing some work at my art table. I had gotten really close to look at what I was doing and when I moved back to kind of observe it, I felt that I had pushed into somebody, like someone had been looking over my shoulder. I felt this distinct feeling that something was there. And we had other things—noises, the TV turning off; you know, things of that sort that happened.

There was one day, or one evening I should say, I was asleep with my husband, and we had a cat in the bed with us, and all of us were startled awake with what sounded like a clipboard slamming on the ground. I often put my paintings on clipboards, so we got up and checked out my studio area, and there was nothing out of place. But it was a loud enough crash to wake us all up. Honestly, I never felt there was anything bad about it; there was nothing malevolent. The entity just seemed more curious about us than anything else. It wasn’t bad. The house does have something of a curious history.

It was built in the 1950s, and actually started out as some kind of an outdoor shelter. The family that owned the property decided to make it into a cabin, so it was built by the father and his wife and sons, and the sons more or less grew up in the house. Curiously enough, we did some remodeling a few months ago that involved replacing the tile in the bathroom, and we found the initials of the kids who had helped build the house in the concrete. So our thought was, maybe the entity was the older gentleman that had helped build the house in the beginning. If whoever or whatever it is left, I’d be sad.

I really would. The incidents have kind of slowed down a bit, but we’re starting to hear noises again. I think he’s making a return. I’m pretty much grounded in science. I would say that before all of this I had been a skeptic, but always open to it…open to the idea that there’s energy in the world and that energy can neither be created nor destroyed, so where does that go? I guess I can accept it from a scientific perspective. My family thinks the idea of a haunting is very credible. In fact, I had my sister and her family up for a summer after it first started happening, and my two little nephews refused to come in the house alone. They believe that something lives here.

-Chris, Minnesota