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Educated in science and logical reasoning, doctors are probably the least likely people to believe in a spiritual world or the ability to communicate with it. They also witness death on a regular basis, and would probably have a hard time coping with the paranormal if they really did believe. Despite this, the Ouija board did manage to convince one young doctor that he may have contacted an evil entity.

The 30-year-old anonymous doctor found himself playing with a Ouija board one night, after his 22-year-old sister brought it over for some late-night, “scary” entertainment with a few friends. The very first time the planchette moved, the group was contacted by a person who had committed suicide recently and had a message for someone in the room. The doctor and his sister were the only ones touching the planchette, and had no knowledge of this spirit or what had happened to him. Still, the doctor and his sister were able to act as mediums, delivering intimate details between the spirit and his friend, who was understandably very startled by the communication.

The group decided to give the board another try a different night, and found themselves communicating with a very energetic spirit who spelled ZAZA over and over, followed by SEX, and a series of gibberish. Frustrated, they let the spirit be, but tried again the next night. This time the spirit spelled MAMA at an “alarmingly quick pace.” They tried asking the spirit what that meant, and what its name was, but they never received a clear answer.

The planchette zoomed around the board and made a figure eight. At one point, it counted down the alphabet backwards. The doctor and his friends had had enough, and decided to stop. But when they took their hands off the planchette, it continued the gibberish message all on its own for a few seconds before coming to a stop. After, the doctor felt that he had no choice to believe in the impossible, and became pretty weary of the Ouija board in general. Shocked by the experience, he worried that an evil entity may have been trying to communicate or even manipulate them through its nonsensical message.

-Anonymous Doctor