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As a kid I Grew up in Hawbuck Illinois which is all woods and very Haunted and a Town called Divernon outside Springfield IL. And our basement was HUGE HUGE and as a kid I always got bad feeling about that house there were 4 cement steps that went to a room in the very back of the basement but someone before we moved in for some reason but a big thick cement wall there..

I know this town was built on top of an old coal mine town and close to a place called BOYS TOWN (PPL COULD
GOOGLE SEARCH IT) it was for boys that were “out of control” so they was sent there and was treated so so badly well this leads up to ALOT OF BAD THINGS STARTED HAPPENING TO ME AND MY LIL BROTHER, MY PARENTS, even family that would come stay for a visit from out of town had bad things happen but I always would hear alot of men laughing and screaming and what sounds like when you do a toast cling to glasses together but alot louder my step father became a very mean person and did very bad things to me not my lil brother.

Thank God.. but here comes the boys town deal my baby brother who was maybe 5 at the time I’m 9 had a “imaginary friend” called Johnny Castle and also THIS CAN BE GOOGLED SEARCHED AND THERE IS A BOY OF THE NAME JOHNNY CASTLE THAT WAS IN THE BOYS TOWN CAMP AND DIED AT A YOUNG AGE FROM ABUSE, MALNOURISHMENT ETC. He Tried to get my brother at 5 yrs old to play on the train tracks behind our house when a train was coming always told my baby brother he wanted my brother to be with him.. where is was at was a dark place and he had to hide all the time is what my 5 yr old.

Brother would tell us.. this led to ALOT OF THINGS HAPPENING ALL BAD and that led to that wall in the basement of our house being broken down and low and behold there was a room a very big room that had a Pentagram point down alot of animal bones and even some human leg and arm bones what I can remember the skulls were human skulls the Police took all of this but what it was in that room was a Satanic sacrificing room they previous owners had done alot of black and bad magick in it which led to us moving.

I remember a Picture of Jesus my mom had that was pretty big Hanging on the wall we were watching a horror movie and as a part of the movie I remember happing is the “devil” in the movie was doing something and the picture just fell of the wall and shattered yet the nail was still in the wall and we had 3 big picture like windows that went almost from the ceiling to almost the floor and we would hold it open with a thick wooden stick and huge and very thick one and Everytime we watched a horror movie it would just slam down and shatter and the stick would just be sitting Up against the screen after about 6-7 times repairing the window we just stopped using it..

My GrandMother would come to visit and she would have things happen to her.. In our kitchen we had a bar and an island table and my grandma would put her cigg. Case on the counter and it would be in the middle of the floor all the time.. she took her hair outta curlers and said Medusa just playing and all the guns in the gun cabinet just fell through the glass above the fireplace was rock and even though we would have it on a red light would glow thru the rocks..

I had a balcony outside my bedroom upstairs Me and my lil brother would see an old dirty man with a long beard and coat just standing there staring and then he would be gone.. the day we moved my bedroom door had been painted white when we moved in and a piece started to peel off and a devils head was carved on the door and sooo much other bad stuff.. we moved and all that was gone but I’ve always been able to see and cense when things are bad or good I have alot more I could tell but I would be writing for days..

-Lisa from Illinois