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Sometimes, visitations from beings not of this world can be so subtle that the parties who’ve been targeted don’t realize what has happened until the threat has passed. Such was the case in the following account submitted to me by a man in Ohio who believes that, as a teenager, he unwittingly drew the ire of extraterrestrials. Scott Fitzsimmons admits that he has always had an almost unhealthy interest in exploring galaxies beyond our own. In 1996, when he was a junior in high school, he decided to share some of his off-kilter concepts with his fellow students in the form of a science fair project. Rather than serving up the usual fare, Scott had produced a forty-five minute short that, among other things, posed the possibility that human behavior is dictated and overseen by highly evolved alien lifeforms.

After getting the green light from his science teacher, Scott had asked for and received permission to show his film to classmates in the school’s planetarium. He didn’t know it at the time, but he was about to ignite a firestorm. As the science fair got underway, Scott’s project was shown to other participants as well as those chosen to judge the competition. To the indignation of some, interspersed with predictions from French astrologer Nostradamus, were Scott’s own contentious theories. Among them was his assertion that everything that lives and breathes on Earth was created by aliens of advanced intelligence that walk among us, monitoring our every move. To say that Scott’s film got people talking would be a gross understatement. As word of the content spread, everyone wanted to see what the fuss was all about.

Although it had originally been scheduled to play on only two occasions, additional showings were added at a fee of one dollar per person. When all was said and done, the film would be shown at various times over the next two weeks before the novelty finally wore off. Three days after his vision was first viewed by the public, Scott’s family noticed two figures standing beside a dark colored van that was parked on the corner near their home. Normally, they wouldn’t have given it a second thought, but something about the odd-looking individuals who seemed to be focused on their house made their skin crawl. Even though he never saw them up close, Scott says that the men were both exceedingly tall and thin with elongated limbs that gave them the appearance of stick figures. Their faces could not be seen clearly from his vantage point, but he could tell that they were a powdery white. Their clothing was dark and nondescript, just like their mode of transportation.

Scott’s mother had found their presence worrisome right from the start. Concerned that they were casing the house, she asked her husband to talk to the men and find out what they wanted. He refused, reasoning that there was no law against staring. Rather than venturing out into the night to confront the ominous strangers, he had closed the curtains and changed the subject. A few nights later, he would rethink his position when it became apparent to him that the men were becoming permanent fixtures. Tired of seeing the same two looky-loos every time he glanced out the window, Scott’s father decided to go inform them, as politely as possible, that he would be forced to call the police if they didn’t find someplace else to loiter. As the rest of the family watched from the safety of their home; their fearless protector headed out the door.

Scott isn’t sure what happened next. He doesn’t remember seeing the men make a move. All he knows is that the van had sped away by the time his father reached the curb. The following evening, they were back again, standing side-by-side on the corner. Since he hadn’t been able to get close to them on the previous night, Scott’s father decided to try a different tactic. Instead of confronting them in person, he would take their picture and deliver it to the authorities as proof of harassment. Fearing that seeing the door opening would spook them, he raised a window and held the camera out, snapping several photos in quick succession. Although it had all been pretty clandestine, the figures had seen the flash and were gone in an instant. Satisfied that he had gotten the evidence he needed, Scott’s father used up the rest of the roll so he could have the film developed right away.

The next day when they perused the prints, the family were stunned to find that of the twenty-four photos taken, the only ones that hadn’t turned out were those of the men in the street. Other objects, such as a lamp post and mailbox were visible, but the van and the figures standing nearby were so shrouded in fog that not a single detail could be made out. The visitations, if that’s what they were, continued for several more nights before coming to an abrupt end after two weeks. Although Scott hadn’t made the connection at the time, their sudden departure had coincided with the final showing of his film. After spending countless hours relieving the strange events that took place over the course of fourteen days, Scott came to the conclusion that his science project had put him on someone’s radar. Who that someone was is a question that haunts him to this day.

Looking back on that surreal period of his life, Scott believes that his unconventional ideas were closer to the truth than even he had dared imagine. In his opinion, sending scouts to keep track of his every move was someone’s attempt at damage control. When asked how he can be sure that he wasn’t simply the victim of locals who had taken umbrage with his views on creationism, he says that anyone who had seen what he and his family witnessed would never ask that question. According to him, the figures who staked out their home looked like they belonged on the pages of a graphic novel. Whoever was surveilling the Fitzsimmons family for those two weeks, as far as they know, never returned. Since most of us have relatively short attention spans, perhaps the perpetrators determined that the threat had passed and they were no longer in danger of being found out.

Whatever the case, the events made a lasting impression on Scott. Even though he had originally wanted to recreate the momentum by producing a follow-up during his senior year, he ultimately decided against it. In the end, one go-around with the mysterious watchers had been enough.