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I live in Minnesota and recently visited Lilydale Park. It’s very near the famed Wabasha Street Caves, which are supposedly extremely dangerous and have signs all over that say so. Lilydale Park is apparently haunted. The whole adventure started with my buddy Kevin. He had a film class in college and his project was to make a documentary. He decided to do one on ghost hunting. That was absolutely up my alley! I jumped all over it and said, “Absolutely, let’s do it.” The night we went there it was dead quiet at first. Nothing. It seemed very calm.

There were no loud animal noises. It was in the dead of winter, so I’m sure they were all sleeping by that time. But the first odd thing that happened actually did have to do with an animal. I’ve always been a big fan of the Ghost Adventures show on Travel Channel so I took a page out of out of Zak Bagans’s book: I tried to do a little intimidation. The Lilydale Park area is near St. Paul, but it’s in the middle of nowhere St. Paul, so a lot of really bad things like crime happen in the area. There’s a lot of bad energy. So, the first thing I did was to call out any evil spirits that were there. Suddenly, we heard this incredibly strange howling noise.

I’ve never heard a dog howl like that, and I don’t know why a wolf or coyote would be in the middle of St. Paul. It kind of set the tone for the night. Then we walked down the trails, asked questions, and did a little EVP (electronic voice phenomenon) work. There is a center trail that kind of forks to the left and to the right. You could clearly see where it was because the ground was very white. Me and my buddy Kevin were walking down the trail, just not paying attention, looking straight ahead. All of a sudden, the last part of the trail went completely black and then became white again. We didn’t hear any movement—nothing. It just went black. Me, being the skeptic, I went down there to investigate.

There were no trees, so there’s no chance that the trail got blacked out by the trees, because (a) I wasn’t moving, and (b) there weren’t any branches there. So that was another strange but interesting part of the evening. Later on, after we were pretty much done, we were ready to get in the car, and I asked one last thing. I just asked if there was any evidence that we may have caught that we didn’t realize, and probably a minute and a half later, there was a sound.

We were standing by some steel barriers and it sounded like someone took a sledgehammer to it—right next to us. I listened to the EVP that we recorded thousands of times. The only thing that I can get out of it is, “Will you save me?” It’s perfect. Our little ghost-hunting adventure piqued my interest, if nothing else. I am planning a trip to Waverly Hill Sanatorium in Kentucky. It is supposedly haunted!

-Bob, Minnesota