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We believe there might be a portal in one of the rooms in our home (which is next to the garage, where we havr also witnessed beings). We have motion detection cameras set up all over our home and they only go off when a person walks by. My phone gets an alert of movement and the cameras record 24/7 so i am able to playback when need be.

We believe there is a portal of some sort on one side of home, specifically a bedroom that is next to the garage. When we first moved into our home we would hear noises and such and would just write them off as house noises and such but they always would happen at night and when we are either alone in the home or on the other side of the house, across from the area we believe the portal is in.

Whenever you walk in that room next to the garage, it is a feeling of something being there with you. If you are outside where the room window is pointing out, you can feel something watching you through the window. We have even heard the door knob jingling too, when its just as in the house or when i am alone, which sets off my dogs so i know i am not just hearing it.

I have also caught our cat staring off into nothing, or specifically in the kitchen stating at the garage door, which once again is the side of the house where the orbs we have caught on camera have come from or go to. I have made a Compilation video showing the three clips i have so far caught in our home. First it started as orbs and everytime it shows up again, it is more pronounced until today that i caught it so clear, that you can see the set of wings, two legs & two arms! It is very neat ❤🧚‍♀️ Below is the video, i hope you guys enjoy it and may you be blessed by the lightbeings!

-Lulu BlueStar, Creator of the Enchanted Realm.