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When I was growing up, we had quite a large yellow cat. Family pet. When she was getting on in years, she became ill, so we had to put her down. I’m a skeptical person, and I haven’t had many ghostly experiences or anything, but about a month after we put her to sleep, my mother and I were talking to each other in the living room, a few feet apart, and the strangest thing happened. I know what I saw. I’m not sure what she saw, but I saw something pet-sized dart in between us, running between our legs, and both of us looked down at the same moment. I asked, “What was that?” And not thinking of the implications of what she was saying, she blurted out, “Oh, it was just the cat.” But the thing of it is, the cat had already passed on, as I mentioned, so it was very odd. I wouldn’t have believed it if it had just been me, but she was also there and we both reacted to it. It was interesting, to say the least.

-Heidi, New York