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I was about 13 years old this time I had a friend over. We lived in an old house. It was built around 1850, and there was a shed behind it that was the original house that was built in the 1700s. My father was using it as a shed and it also functioned as a garage. Anyway, it was time for my friend to go home, and she needed a ride because it was about 9 o’clock in the evening and dark out. She and I walked out to the car ahead of my father, thinking he’d be out in a few minutes. When we got out there together, it was very dark. We looked into the shed/garage to go open the car doors. In front of the car, as big as life, we both saw a glowing green Revolutionary War soldier! We saw it at the same time, because we looked at each other and went, “Wha—? Did you see that?” Both of us! We turned around and ran back into that house like we were on fire—hysterical 13-year-old girls.

We ran up to my father and said, “You’ve got to see this, blah blah blah! We’re not going back out there!” He just kind of chuckled at us and said, “Oh, you guys are silly.” Of course, when he walked back out there with us, there wasn’t anything there. There were some other tales around town but nothing like what we experienced. There was a house in the same town that was even older, from the early 1700s, owned by one of the town founders. Supposedly, they had had to house some Hessian soldiers in the basement there. They would have been prisoners of war; they were German mercenaries. So there was a little bit of a history in our town of people from that time period who may not have died under the best circumstances. On the property where I grew up there was actually a sort of little family cemetery plot. My grandparents, when they bought the house, removed the headstones. It was 30 years ago now, but it was kind of burned into my memory.

I remember sort of a lime-green light, and darker portions that were enough that you could make out some features, you know, like the shadows of someone having a coat on, and maybe a belt. There was enough detail. It was sort of like if you looked at a sepia-toned photograph or something, except instead of being brown it was green. And it was a vibrant light, because it drew our attention. Looking into a completely dark shed, it was like, Whoa, there it is. It’s kind of funny, because people kind of laugh at you and they say, “Oh, that can’t happen,” but I’ve also met other people who claim to have seen spirits. I love to ask them, “Was it green and glowing?” A lot of times they’ll say yes, which always makes me feel sort of vindicated, you know?

-Katie, Connecticut