Black Cat Oil


Black Cat Oil is used to reverse bad luck and negative energies, magical reversing spells, money drawing spells, and for gambler’s luck. You will receive one dropper bottle with Black Cat Oil ❤​

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Black Cat oil is a popular dressing oil among gamblers, also used as a form of “reverse bad luck.”

Black Cats have long been associated with luck, magic, hoodoo, psychic insight and witches.

The oil can also be used for dressing candles in the form of cats, or regular candles in colors of green (for money and gambling), red ( for fast luck and love), black or white (for clearing a jinxed or crossed condition). Use it anytime you need some extra luck in your life and to call upon the aid of the black cat.

Perhaps no other creature within folklore has such disparate opinions surrounding it than the black cat. Though commonly considered an ill omen within some Western folklore traditions, in parts of Great Britain and Scotland the arrival of a black cat brings prosperity and good luck. Sailors and fishermen would often keep a black cat as a luck bringing passenger on their ships while at sea for good luck, and it was believed that to hear the ships cat meow was a sign of trouble in the journey ahead. As an extension of the protection and luck it bestowed upon seafarers, their wives would often keep a black cat in their homes to ensure the safe return of their husbands.

In Southern Hoodoo and Conjure traditions the symbolism of the black cat is considered a powerful gambling aid which brings success and good fortune in games of chance.


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