Firey Abundance Bracelet with Fire Opals & Crab Fire Agates


This Enchanted Gem has powerful fire energy running through it. It is a strong protective and action taker bracelet, perfect for those who are needing more fire energy in their lifes to get you going! This Enchanted Gem is made up of both frosted and glossy Crab Fire Agates and also glittery Ethiopian Fire Opals. Use the dropdown menu below to choose your size ❤ For the magickal properties & videos of this Enchanted Gem, see the Magickal Properties tab below!


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Crab Fire Agate energies will ground you and anchor you to the present and to your reality. It’s a powerful stabilizing stone that will restore your physical vitality and motivation to achieve your goals. The energies of this stone will also stimulate your creativity. If you’re into artistic and creative pursuits, having a piece of Crab Fire Agate will keep the creative juices flowing.

Fire Opal will attract money, wealth, and abundance in your life. If you’re seriously considering starting your own business, or investing your money in a venture, having this stone with you will give you warm and supportive energies. It will dispel the negativity in your aura and in your environment. It will also give you physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual healing. Fire Opal will make you experience complete warmth. It will allow you to enjoy a sense of happiness with the world you live in and the people you interact with.


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