St. Jude Manifesting Miracles Candle


This Enchanted Gem is a 8 oz glass power candle. It is perfect for lighting to St. Jude for requesting miracles in dire need situations. You will receive one candle ❤ For the magickal properties and videos of this Enchanted Gem, see the Magickal Properties tab below!

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Judas Thaddeus was the brother of James the Just, so, depending on your interpretation of James’ true identity, Jude may be the cousin of Jesus, his full brother, his stepbrother, or his half-brother. According to legend—and iconography—Saint Jude bore a strong physical resemblance to Jesus. Jude was reputedly a powerful healer and exorcist while he was alive. Ask Saint Jude for whatever you need. He is traditionally invoked to heal illness, break addictions, provide release from imprisonment, and grant safety from danger. He reunites families, locates missing persons, and rescues from financial disaster.

Power Candle:

Upgrade this candle into a POWER CANDLE with oil blends and stones that coincide with the properties of this candle and also empowers it further! You also receive a charm infused with the energies of the candle, carry this St. Jude charm clip wherever you go. The stones within the Power Candle are Amethyst & Green Aventurine. The Magickal Oil blends within the Power Candle Open Roads, Calling, Open Doors, Fast Luck & Money Drawing.


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