Spirit Animal – Deer

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This animal totem is Deer – Gentleness

Deer’s medicine is about applying gentleness to any situation you encounter. Gentleness is your primary tool for solving any dilemma that you face. Applying love and gentleness will melt down any demon (Fear) that you face. Gentleness will connect you to Spirit/God/Universe who will help to guide you.

The only way to apply gentleness and love to others is to begin with yourself. By touching the heart and mind of the wounded with unconditional love and gentleness your higher self will shine. The wounds that you have suffered do not make you bad, wrong, at fault, etc, they are simply wounds that need love applied. Your wounds are no different than someone else’s wounds. Learn to love both the dark and light sides of yourself and everyone else. Love your lightness and darkness within and allow the gentleness of Spirit to heal all wounds. When you can do this for yourself it will be easier to do the same to others. We are all wounded people. Can you apply gentleness and love to your wounds (fears)? Do you project your wounds on to others? Do you court your internal demons (fears)? Do you use force as your tool? Balancing “power” can only be accomplished by using love and compassion. Demons (fears) cannot exist where unconditional (no strings attached) love resides.

Crystals that can help you remember the medicine of the Deer are:


Inclusion Quartz (Lodolite)

Releasing Fears:

Green Calcite


Rose Quartz