Spirit Animal – Moose

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This Animal Totem is theMoose – Self-Esteem, Making Good Choices and Wisdom

Moose looks awkward yet graceful. He is large but able to move swiftly. Moose is balance. Moose stands tall and is self-assured. Moose is asking you to know and understand yourself. You alone have the authority to make the choices for your life. You need not feel ashamed, pressured by friends/peers who see things through their filters, or have to explain your choices to no one. Moose is asking you to stand tall, be proud of who you are. Your individuality is your strength. Be prideful, not boastful. Being boastful will only ruin your accomplishments. Being boastful does not give recognition to others who have helped and supported you along the way.

Moose is also found in the North on the Medicine Wheel, which represents Wisdom. Moose has excellent depth perception, which means he can see things with clarity. Moose is asking that you take the wisdom gained in your accomplishments and share your knowledge with others. When you share your wisdom with others, you not only lift them up, you lift yourself up as well. Use your wisdom to know when it is appropriate to be silent and when it is appropriate to speak. Balance in all things is key.

Crystals that will help you remember the medicine of the Moose are:



Ocean Jasper

Tangerine Aura Quartz


Making Good Choices:





Wisdom/Clarity or Vision:



Brecciated Jasper

Green Calcite