Spirit Animals – Antelope

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Antelope Animal Totem

This animal totem is Antelope – Speed, Adaptability, Action

Antelope’s message is “just do it, now”. He signifies knowledgeable action and action is the key and essence of living. Antelope medicine is about strength of mind and heart, and the ability to take quick, decisive action in order to get things accomplished. It is about trusting your inner voice and following it. If you watch Antelope climb a rocky mountain, he doesn’t stop to think about which way he should go. He trusts his instincts and quickly leaps, with control and balance from rock to rock. Should something stand in his way, he quickly adapts to a new path. He can show you the path of safety, harmony and peace. He is asking you to listen to your intuition but more importantly act, as the proper action will set you free.

If you have an obstacle or hindrance standing in your way, can you mentally adapt and then take knowledgeable action? Do you know yourself? Can you trust yourself? Do you have faith in yourself and in your abilities? Are you decisive or indecisive? Can you speak what needs to be said or are you being deceitful to yourself or others? Do you follow others? Can you break free and create your own path? Remember Antelope’s message of “do it”. Once you take action the fear of the unknown subsides. Walk your talk, have a desire to do something, make the decision to begin that action and just do it.

Crystals to help you remember the medicine of Antelope are:

Speed/Agility/swiftness of mind/thinking:

Tangerine Aura Quartz

Blue Chalcedony



Blue Opal

Zebra Jasper




Mookaite Jasper

Golden Tiger Eye

Trusting Intuition:



Hessonite Garnet