Spirit Animals – Armadillo

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This animal totem is the Armadillo, which represents Self-Protection and Setting Boundaries.

Armadillo’s skin is a tough armor on his back with a soft underbelly. When threatened, he can roll up in a ball to protect himself. Armadillo is also an excellent digger and is much attuned to his environment.

Armadillo’s medicine/message is to set your boundaries, but to also show your vulnerability. Boundaries are set so that harmful/hurtful words or actions just roll off your back, so to speak. They are a reflection of what you are and what your will is to other people on an energetic level. How you react has everything to do with your ability to remain objective. Armadillo does not stay wrapped in a ball. He does show his softer underbelly. In order to enjoy the gifts you desire, you must be willing to be vulnerable.

Are you setting boundaries? Are you using them to over-protect yourself? Are you not using them enough? Your armor can be a protection or it can be a jail. Your fears will be your warden. Armadillo is a digger – which is teaching you to dig until you get to the root of your fears. Releasing your fears will help you in becoming vulnerable. Being vulnerable does not mean you allow others to walk all over you, it means you are willing to open up, allow people in, show your emotions. What is Armadillo trying to tell you?

Crystals that can help you remember Armadillo’s medicine/message are:
Self Protection:
Setting Boundaries:
Blue Lace Agate
Mahogany Obsidian
Blue Aventurine
Releasing Fears/Vulnerability:
Tangerine Quartz