Spirit Animals – Bear

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This Animal Totem is Bear. Bear represents Introspection.  Bear is symbolic of the West on the Medicine Wheel. Our goals and dreams reside in the West. Bear’s hibernation is symbolic of going within to examine the past year’s experiences. Bear is also associated with the Dream Lodge, that space of inner knowing. Introspection is attuning to Mother Earth energies and receiving answers/solutions from the Great Void. In order to accomplish our goals and dreams, it is necessary to enter the Great Void, the Dream Lodge, and reflect on one’s experiences. Although the Bear traditionally represents the annual cycle, it can also represent the daily cycle in our lives.

Are you entering the Great Void, the Dream Lodge to reflect on your daily experiences? Are you able to quiet the mind or is your internal chatter confusing you? Is it leading you to false goals? Do you seek your own advice or advice from others? Do you want to know your true self?

No one knows better than you what is proper and right for your growth. Bear teaches us that only through being our own advisor can we reach our true goals, desires and dreams. You must know yourself in order to achieve these and, knowing yourself means knowing your body, mind and spirit. Strength is necessary to overcome weaknesses and weaknesses are necessary for strength and both are necessary for your growth.

Crystals that can help remind you of the Bear’s teachings are:
Mookaite Jasper
Earth Energies:
Tree Agate
Picture Jasper
Zebra Jasper