Spirit Animals – Beaver

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This animal totem is Beaver, the Builder. Beaver is the “doer”, has a strong sense of family and home and is equipped to protect what he has built. The Beaver lodge is built with alternate escape holes. Without these escape holes the Beaver could become trapped. This is symbolic for you to have alternative paths to reach your goals. If you eliminate the alternatives, you block the flow of experiences coming to you. These limitations cancel productivity. Are you putting your ideas into action? Do you have a project that has stalled? It is probably because you did not create alternative routes to the finish line. Do you open new doors or are you content with staying stuck or trapped? Can you find what has dammed the flow in your life and remove it?  Are you able to protect what you have built?

Beaver works in cooperation with others to accomplish a goal, with each member doing their part without interference and everyone shares in that accomplished goal, thus creating unity. This is symbolic for any goal you wish to accomplish. Nothing you do in life is accomplished without the help of others. Do you recognize this and can you allow each person to do their part without interfering, without trying to control their every move and without letting your ego get in the way?  Are you able to settle differences with co-workers, friends and family in order to accomplish your goal? Are you willing to work with others to accomplish your goals/dreams?

Crystals that will help you remember the medicine of the Beaver are:
Cooperation/Self Discipline:
Golden Tiger Eye
Yellow Jasper
Tree Agate