Spirit Animals – Bee

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Bee Animal Totem

This animal totem is Bee – Fertility, Community, Sweetness of Life

Bee teaches that you can accomplish the impossible, that you can accomplish anything you want if you put your mind and energy to it. Make your life fertile by being productive. Productivity will result in “honey”, the sweet things that life has to offer. Do you have dreams/aspirations and what are you doing to make them fertile? Do you put your energy into them? Nurture them? Do you understand the proper use of your own energy? Are you focused? Are you self-sufficient? Conversely, are you a workaholic? Do you take time to savor in the small accomplishments you achieve? There needs to be a balance between work and enjoying your rewards.

Bee teaches you team work and how to live within a community/family. Bee represents family stability and harmony through open communication, nurturing each other and each member knowing and doing their part in maintaining that harmony. Do you have a healthy, open communication system within your family/coworkers? Do you have a nurturing environment and if not what can you do to create one? Are you more concerned with getting your needs met? Can you let go of the “need” to be right? Is your pride getting in your way? Can you make the necessary sacrifices in order to create a harmonious, strong community? Life’s sweetness is often better when shared. This means that you need the help and support of others to help and encourage you in your productivity. Life is a shared experience. Are you open to sharing?

Crystals to help remind you of Bee’s message are:





Zebra Jasper




Blue Chalcedony


Enjoying the Sweetness of Life:



Snow Quartz