Spirit Animals – Caterpillar

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This animal totem is Caterpillar – Transformation, New Birth.

The Caterpillar is just one stage in the creation of a Butterfly. It must evolve before reaching adulthood. He teaches patience and preparation – for all things will come in nature’s time and not before. During this stage he is constantly feeding himself to gain the strength and build the foundation for the next stage. Caterpillar is signaling that it is time to get ready to start a new project or to make sure you are prepared for the coming transformation. He is letting you know that all of your processing and soul searching is about to unfold into something very beautiful. Caterpillar indicates promising outcomes, good luck and new birth. He reminds us that growth cannot occur unless the old is shed as symbolized by the constant shedding of its skin.

The cocooning stage represents the time to go within. In this way you will be able to transform obstacles into a beautiful new way of living. This is the stage where you surrender to the process of transformation. There is no going back, which symbolizes never looking back on the old version of who you were. Continue forward to the more brilliant version of yourself and all the beauty and potential you will have. You must shed the old life in order to accept the new life that awaits you.

Crystals to help remind you of the Caterpillar’s medicine are:

Tibetan Scepter Quartz
Phantom Quartz
Ruby in Fuchsite
Botswana Agate
Trusting the Universal Process:
Green Calcite