Spirit Animals – Chipmunk

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This animal totem is Chipmunk – Play/Exploration, Preparation, Trust

Chipmunk is said to be a symbol of something good is on its way to you. With that said, it is the animal’s behaviors and appearances that hold the teachings for us. Chipmunk has an innate curiosity which allows him to be adventurous. He explores his environment and notices every detail and shows you the power of observation. Chipmunk will teach you how to play just for the sake of playing. Chipmunk will teach you the art of preparation and planning ahead. He is a nut/seed gatherer and stores them for later days. His nesting burrow not only consist of various chambers but various access tunnels that allow for fast escapes. Chipmunk is planning ahead for his future but he does not obsess with thought about the future. He just does what he needs to do moment by moment. The lessons that Chipmunk is trying to teach here are: have fun in life, prepare for the future but practice more balance between your efforts so that you remain alert, aware and ready to face the challenges that come your way.

Lastly, the vocal Chipmunk is a very trusting soul. If you sit with him long enough he will literally eat right out of your hand. Watch how he will inch closer to you, watching and reading every single movement of yours. He is showing you to trust your instincts. Learn how to read the voices and body language of others. Trust what you are hearing in their voice (volume, pitch, tone) and seeing in their body language. Keep in mind that just because something may sound wrong, it does not mean that you run away. Remember Chipmunk is curious so you may have to do further investigating before making a commitment. Practice this until it becomes your second nature and always trust your feelings.

Crystals to help remember Chipmunkā€™s message are:






Desert Rose Selenite


Pink Botswana Agate





Trust Yourself:

Rose Quartz


Mookaite Jasper