Spirit Animals – Condor

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This animal totem is Condor – Vision, Patience, Awareness

Condor teaches us to soar above our limitations. This is accomplished through patience and vision. He teaches us to conserve energy by going with the flow of life instead of flapping against it. By doing so, you will have learned to use your own energy in a more powerful and efficient way. He is also letting us know that change is imminent. If you learn your lesson in going with the flow of life, adaptation to change is much easier. Do you take yourself too seriously? Are you in a state of allowing? Do you take time to relax? Do you feel as if you are in a rut? If so, it is because you are resistant to change. Can you rise with the thermals, soar above your current perceptions and attachments in order to expand your field of vision? Going with the flow will create more harmony in your life. It will help to preserve your energy and strength for use when it will be more effective. Condor will guide you to unexpected new heights of awareness. Your perspectives will change. You will see life on a bigger scale.

Condor is a Spirit messenger. He will offer an understanding of the cycles of death and rebirth. By changing your perspectives and seeing life on a bigger scale you will be more open to receive messages and direction from Spirit. You will see your-self imposed limitations and new ways to facilitate seeing what is actually possible. You will see that letting go of the old (death) will give rise to the new (rebirth). This is your purification, freeing you from your illusions and delusions to see what is real and the changes that need to occur. This is your transformation, your alignment with your higher purpose and your true calling. Condor encourages us to let your heart soar and to follow it to see life’s possibilities.

Crystals that will help you remember the message of Condor are:




Optical Calcite

Patience/Going with the flow