Spirit Animals – Coyote

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This animal totem is Coyote – Folly, Wisdom, Magic of Life

Coyote is most commonly known as the Trickster.  He is not tricking you to be cruel or hurtful, but to teach you the hidden wisdom of using a sense of humor.  He shows you the folly of others; by watching them you will not only be able to learn from their mistakes but see when you act foolishly. He wants you to laugh both at yourself and life’s irony.  He may also  teaching you to renew your innocence and reawaken the childlike wisdom of simplicity and trust you once had.   

Coyote rarely teaches you directly.  He teaches through ways that are not straightforward and may at times be frustrating.  In any circumstance, regardless of how pleasant or clear to understand it may be, there is hidden wisdom for you to learn. Instead of taking things too seriously, balance wisdom with playfulness. Keep things simple and open up to the possibilities life has to offer. This is how you can change your perspective regarding any issue that has been weighing on your mind for a while.

Coyote is also symbolic of the magic in life and creation.  In some traditions he is associated with dark magic and considered to be a bad omen.  The flip side of this is a spirit of resourcefulness and the ability to survive.  Surprises await you in life, but if you pay attention and you may find a piece of wisdom in the most unexpected places.  He is calling on you to be flexible so that you can adjust to any situation that you did not anticipate through the power of adaptability. 

Crystals that will help remind you of Coyote’s medicine are:


Snow Quartz  





Imperial Topaz    

Black Tourmaline    


Zebra Jasper   

Magic of Life:

Nephrite Jade    

Pink Tourmaline