Spirit Animals – Crab

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Crab’s shell is symbolism for protection. Do you have a tough outer skin or do you let the smallest things get under it and fester to the point that you are allowing another person’s words or actions steer you off course? Is your outer skin so tough that it allows nothing in? Not allowing anything in will also steer you off course. Holding onto old thought patterns will also hold you back. If your outer skin is that tough, it is time to shed it. Crab’s ability to release and re-grow appendages show you how to release the broken parts that you are holding on to and grow new ones.

Crab’s movements will also show you how to maneuver through life. Sometimes the direct path may not be the best approach. Maybe side-stepping an obstacle is the best way to move. Crab is also great at crawling into small crevices when threatened. Do you have a safe space to retreat to? Are you in touch with your inner self?

Crab will also show you how to move with the natural flow. When you allow yourself to trust in the rhythm of the Universe and trust that you are divinely loved, then well-being, contentment and balance can be achieved.

Crystals that will help you remember Crab’s medicine are:




Tibetan Quartz

Black Tourmaline

Rebirth/Releasing Negative Thought Patterns and Fears




Green Calcite

Going with the Flow




Ruby in Zoisite