Spirit Animals – Dog

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This animal totem is Dog – Loyalty

Dog medicine is telling you to deeply examine your sense of service to others. As a species, dogs are service-oriented and have a sense of loyalty that goes far beyond the way that they are treated. Although some may be vicious and brutal, this is because they have been trained to go against their true natures. Dog medicine embodies a loving gentleness and the fierce protector. Their spirit is strong and difficult to break.

Dog is asking you if you have forgotten that you owe allegiance to your own personal truth in life. Have you been loyal and true to your goals? Have you allowed the opinions of others to jade your loyalty to a group or a friend? Have you denied someone who is trying to be loyal to you? Have you become critical or even cruel because of the company you keep? Has your spirit been broken causing you to cower in fear? Truthfully examine the patterns of disloyalty in your life. Do you participate in gossip? Do you not speak up when someone else is gossiping or belittling others? Do you not return kindness when it is given to you? Do you not extend “no strings attached” kindness to others? Are you not your own best friend? Patterns of disloyalty are really patterns of thought within your mind that are a fear- based belief of not belonging or not being approved of.

Crystals that can help you remember Dog medicine are:



Living Your Truth:

Red Tourmaline


Dalmatian Jasper
Leopardskin Jasper

Releasing Fears: