Spirit Animals – Earthworm

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This animal totem is Earthworm – Earth Healer, Self-Healing, Stamina

As Earthworm digests the earth for his nourishment he is also aerating the soil and giving nourishment back to the earth; all of this helps many forms of plant life. The obvious lesson here is to do something that takes care of and nourishes the earth. Do some gardening or pull some weeds. You will find that as you do this you will get some nourishment back, like a place of tranquility to meditate in. He is also asking you to examine the ways you pollute the land and water. Become mindful of your actions and what you can do to counteract your effects and/or join in on a community or global effort. Earthworm cleans the earth a millimeter at a time. Through his/their collective efforts the land is cleaned, just as your individual and collective efforts will sustain the earth.

The hidden lesson is of Earthworm is guiding you to examine and digest all that is occurring in your life. Having done this you can release what is toxic, not beneficial and unnecessary, basically cleaning your emotional house. This is the only way you can experience new growth. If you don’t recognize and acknowledge the past you will repeat the same mistakes. He teaches growth and regeneration. He shows you how to ground your emotional and spiritual bodies so that you will move through a transformation and emerge renewed.

As Earthworm slowly moves through the earth creating fertile soil, he wants you to see your mind as the fertile soil for your endeavors and your thoughts are the seeds that you are planting. Once you plant the seed (idea) do you take time tend to it? Do you take time to pull out all the weeds that hinder your successful growth? Just as it takes time for plants to grow and produce fruit or flowers, it will take time for your ideas to come to fruition. Earthworm is teaching you that through diligent work you will reap what you have sown. Are you planting seeds of hope, joy, happiness, abundance or more of the same pain and negativity?

Crystals to help you remember the messages of Earthworm are:


Picture Jasper
Green Tourmaline

Self-Healing/Regeneration/Self Awareness:

Shiva Lingam
Chlorite in Quartz


Yellow Jasper