Spirit Animals – Elk

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This animal totem is Elk – Stamina

Elk’s medicine teaches us to pace ourselves. By setting a pace you allow yourself to utilize your stamina and energy to your fullest potential and be able to go the distance. Remember, you don’t have to be the first one to finish – just finish without burning yourself out. Also, with the exception during mating season, Elk will keep company with other Elk of the same gender. There is a particular strength to be discovered and gained from spending time with the same gender. It gives a sense of comradeship because of the similarity of experiences shared. This allows for the friendship with others to overcome competition and jealousy.

Have you taken on too much lately and don’t have a plan on how you will finish everything without exhausting yourself? Are you stretched to the breaking point? Is your health suffering? When you are choosing your present pathway are you making plans on how to keep up the pace so you can reach your end goal? Do you stop when you need to and push through when you need to and allow for the exchange of energies? Do you make and spend time with members of the same gender? Do you participate in a support group so that you can re-align yourself with the warrior/warrioress energies that are a part of you? Have you been so involved with companionship that you have forgotten about dating or mixing with members of the opposite gender? Are you balancing your masculine and feminine energies?

Crystals that will help you remember the medicine of the Elk are:


Fire Agate
Mahogany Obsidian

Pacing Yourself


Yin/Yang Balancing

Narmada River Shiva Lingam
Watermelon Tourmaline