Spirit Animals – Firefly

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This Animal Totem is the Firefly.

Fireflies, often called lightning bugs, are magical symbols of inspiration and hope. They are the promise of accomplishment through hope and efforts.They remind us that we have laid the appropriate groundwork and from it will spring great reward. To me their light is a reminder that there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Remember that fireflies remind us that positive hope is a critical component to fulfillment and accomplishment.

Ask yourself these questions:

Are you being pessimistic?
Are you holding on to a sense of hopelessness, that all is lost?
Are you trying to force movement along the wrong path?
Are you not acting upon you creative ideas or even acknowledging them?
Are you not taking advantage of the spiritual gifts available to you?
Are others misleading you, giving you false hopes and false inspirations?
Do you not trust your intuition?
The answers will give you the clues you need to explore the root cause of those false beliefs and change them into what is true for you.

Crystals that will help you remember Firefly’s message are:


Desert Rose

Will Power/Determination:

Pink Calcite

Trust in Your Rhythm

Pink Tourmaline