Spirit Animals – Flamingo

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This animal totem is Flamingo – Heart Healer, Balance

Flamingo’s medicine is showing us how to maintain balance and graceful movement through each experience. The Flamingo is actually a filter feeder which is symbolic of using your intuition to “filter out” the events in your life, beliefs, thoughts and emotions by discarding those that no longer serve you. He is reminding you to get in touch with your emotions. Allow yourself to feel them, move through them and release them in order to find your balance. His long legs allow him to move into deeper waters. To heal your heart, so must you. Are you allowing yourself to feel your emotions? Do you re-examine your beliefs? Are you able to release those that do not serve you and your highest good?

Flamingo is a social animal, yet maintains his individuality. Flamingo also has long migration patterns. This serves to remind you that, although you are on your own journey, you cannot do it alone. Sometimes you need a flock to help you reach your next goal. Do you socialize? Do you have fun? Just look at the Flamingo dance. Letting go of stress will help you keep your balance. Flamingo is also associated with water which is a reminder of the fluidity of life.

Crystals that can help you remember the medicine of the Flamingo are:

Healing the Heart

Rose Quartz
Chrome Diopside


Rainbow Moonstone
Blue-Pink Tourmaline