Spirit Animals – Hawk

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This animal totem is Hawk – The Messenger

Hawk is known as the messenger of the Gods. He teaches us to be observant of our surroundings, for life is sending us signals. Take time to observe the obvious. Life is your classroom and your ability to observe will help you with the power to overcome stressful or difficult situations. Your test is your ability to observe the nuances that are lurking all around. Hawk is asking you to be in a state of awareness. You are only as powerful as your ability to perceive, to receive and to then use your abilities. Let your intuition help you discern Hawk’s message. Hawk’s cry is a signal to beware or to be aware. If you are not quite able to see Hawk’s warning, soar a little higher and look at things from a higher perspective. This may be the vantage point that you need to show you the problem areas in your life that prevent you from flight.

Is your vision too narrow to see a solution? Are you open to receive the gifts being given to you? Are you inspired to create? Has the stress of life overpowered your ability to hear your inner voice? Is there a talent that you have that you are not using? Have you become too emotionally involved that you can no longer step back and observe or to hear the message being sent? Can you bring yourself back to a neutral position which will allow the messages to come through and be clearly understood? Emotions can cloud the vision which can put you off balance; can you regain your balance? Do you think others should think and believe as you do? You need to take care of your emotional baggage first before you are able to perceive and receive omens and messages.

Crystals that can help you remember the medicine of Hawk are:

Being Observant:




Blue Tiger Eye

Living in a state of Awareness:


Tangerine Quartz



Change in Perspectives:


Mookaite Jasper

Honey Calcite