Spirit Animals – Hippopotamus

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This animal totem is Hippopotamus – Emotional Depth, Creation/Imagination, Proper use of Power

The Hippopotamus, or Water Horse, blends the elements of earth and water. By doing so he is teaching us to use our intuition, but couple it with practicality and stability so that we have a balanced, grounded life. It is important to be grounded so that we can face our fears and traumas in order to break down these negative emotional issues. When submerged underwater Hippo still hears and knows what is going on above water. He is telling us that we can go to the emotional depths to remove deep seeded emotional problems and still keep our perspective.

Water traditionally represents birth, creativity, and intuition. Hippo is asking us to let our intuition and creative forces flow, by doing so we allow for the birth of new ideas. Hippo is asking that we let the creative process flow without fear of the power of emotions that may surface in this process. Hippo is asking us to let the artist within us come out. Hippo gives us the strength to imagine, create, and heal.

Hippo can be a very aggressive animal. This aggression can be a result of territory/boundaries being crossed, being startled, or protecting the young. Hippo can explode into a violent display of aggression, and he is telling us that emotions can be difficult to restrain. There is a time and place to use aggression, but he is asking us to learn the proper use of it. There can be a great deal of power in simply keeping our emotions in check.

Crystals to remind you of Hippopotamus medicine are:

Emotional Depth
Dalmatian Jasper

Tangerine Aura Quartz
Red Jasper

Proper Display of Power
Black Obsidian
Ocean Jasper
Pink Tourmaline
Golden Tiger Eye