Spirit Animals – Mouse

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This week’s animal totem is Mouse –Scrutiny, Organization, Seeing the Bigger Picture

Mouse medicine can be a great power or a great weakness.  Mouse is about seeing the bigger picture around him, organizing all that he sees and scrutinizing what he needs to all the while going on with his business at hand and accomplishing his purpose.  What mouse is trying to teach you is to pay attention to the little details that may be overlooked in your eagerness to see the bigger picture.  The bigger picture is not just limited to the “Universal Bigger Picture”, but more of what is in your 360 degree field of vision at any given time.  Mouse is teaching you to see all you can, slow down and observe the details, scrutinize what you see, determine if you need to pay attention to it now and put things in order so that they can be explored later.    

Mouse’s lessons are to not find fault with the insignificant details, be overly concerned with trivia, to over dramatize the mundane, to get so preoccupied by the details, or nitpick everything to death because when you do you will not see the opportunities that are around you at any given time.  Mouse will teach you how to focus and how to achieve your goals by working on the little things, one step at a time.  See what is right before you and then take appropriate actions.  Do you procrastinate?  Are you disorganized?  Has your ego taken over?  Do you fixate on the finer details to the degree that your forward movement has stopped?  Are you trying to do too many things at once?  Do you over analyze everything?  Can you take a step or two back to gain a fresh perspective?

Crystals that will help you remember Mouse’s medicine are:


Snowflake Obsidian    


Green Tourmaline   

Petrified Wood    





Desert Rose   

Seeing the Bigger Picture:


Picture Jasper    

Tangerine Aura Quartz   

Optical Calcite