Spirit Animals – Octopus

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This week’s animal totem is Octopus  – Illusion, Agility, Regeneration

Octopus is an expert at camouflage.  She can change her coloring to match her surroundings, giving the illusion that she is not there at all.  She is the ultimate escape artist and emitting her thick black ink will temporarily hide her so that she can escape predators.  What she is trying to teach you is to keep your desires hidden until they are within your grasp.  Octopus is reminding you that nothing is as it seems.  You need to look past the illusion, to look behind the veil, to see the truth.  Are you seeking the real truth?  Are you able to keep your desires to yourself or do you tell your partner/friends/family what they are?

Octopus is an invertebrate, which means it has no skeleton.  If her eye can fit through a hole or crevasse, she can fit her whole body through it.  There is a lot of trash on the ocean floor like bottles, cans and jars.  She uses them for hiding or a home as her body will conform to the shape of that container.  Her body is very fluid and will move with the ocean’s currents and the ebb and flow of waves with grace.  She is reminding you to loosen up and relax.  Keep your eyes on your goal while moving along your path in a more natural way.  Become agile as you move.  Can you go with the flow or do you take a stance with the flow of life?  The path you are on may not be your end goal.  It may take you down one road just to take a detour which will lead you to your ultimate purpose.

Octopus can detach any of her legs if need be.  This defensive tactic allows her to escape from predators.  Once detached she will regenerate that lost appendage.  She is teaching you to cut any excess baggage that you are carrying around and to release those people in your life who take you for granted or any addiction that you may have.  She is telling you that you need to take care of yourself.  If you are distressed you will not achieve your goal.  This will take your strength and your will power to do this.  Octopus is also letting you know that you need to let go which is an exercise in learning acceptance.  She wants you to know that your essence is never lost but they still remain a part of you which symbolizes accepting yourself for who you are and embracing all of your facets because they have shaped your personality.

Crystal that will help remind you of Octopus’s medicine are:

Tangerine Aura
Blue Topaz

Desert Rose Selenite
Herkimer Diamond
Mookaite Jasper

Pink Calcite
Apache Tears