Spirit Animals – Opossum

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This Animal Totem is theOpossum.

Opossum’s medicine is Diversion, Strategy, Wisdom, and Cleverness.

Opossum teaches us that appearances can be your best strategy. You may need to put up a particular front in order to succeed in the most effective way with the least amount of resistance. He also teaches us to recognize when others are putting up false appearances.
Cleverness can come in many forms. Can you act in a strategic manner, appearing fearful or even fearless regardless of how you may feel? What about showing submission or dominating if necessary? Laying low or ‘flying under the radar’ so to speak in order to achieve your goals is part of the Opossum’s strategy.

In order to determine if Opossum is bringing you a message, ask yourself questions like are you acting in an inappropriate manner?  Do you need to work on your appearance? Do you need to apply diversion to take attention away from a particular activity?  Are others around you putting up false appearances? Are they trying to divert your attention? Are you pretending and acting in ways that are realistic? Keep asking yourself questions. If you answer yes to a question, go deeper and ask yourself “how”.

Crystals you can use to remind you of Opossum’s medicine are:


Blue Kyanite



Petrified Wood



Tangerine Aura


Tourmalated Quartz



Golden Tiger Eye