Spirit Animals – Owl

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This week’s animal totem is the Owl – Wisdom, Intuition, and Transformation

The Owl, having night vision and the ability to turn its head almost 360 degrees, has the ability to see things that many cannot see. Owl also is associated with keen intuition and by following it he gains wisdom. Owl is symbolic of the feminine (creativity), the moon and the night. In many traditions, Owl is seen as an omen of death and therefore considered to be dark, evil or bad. However, death does not always mean the death of the body. It can be a symbolic death in that owl is preparing you for a transition in life, something is either taking place or about to that will result in important changes in your life.

Owl is asking you to see beyond the illusions and deceiving appearance and uncover what is hidden so that you can see the real meaning behind someone’s actions or words. Look at the subtle signs around you. Be attentive to things that you normally would let fly under your radar. Tap into your intuition to gain knowledge and wisdom necessary for making decisions that are based on a strong foundation. Being associated with the Feminine and the night, maybe the night is the best time to use your creativity. Owl is also asking you to become aware of thoughts/beliefs/behaviors that no longer serve your best interest at allow them to die, so to speak. Change creates transformation and transformation occurs to move us to our highest good. It will serve you best if you move with the change.

Crystals that will help you remember the Owl’s messages are:


Blue Topaz










Amber Calcite

Chlorite in Quartz