Spirit Animals – Panda

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This animal totem is the Giant Panda – Slowness, Willpower, Solitude

Panda’s medicine teaches us to move through life in a calm, slow and steady pace, yet with determination. Anything can be accomplished if the desire is strong enough. By focusing your energy, putting in a lot of time and thought into whatever you are trying to achieve, remaining steady and strong and keeping a steady forward pace, you will be rewarded more than you see with the completion of your goals.

Panda leads a solitary life. His message asks you if you are seeking out solitude so that you may learn to enjoy your own company, be comfortable with yourself and not let what others think take you off your path. In your solitude you will learn to develop your instincts. You learn to rely on them for guidance. This will help you develop a deeper understanding of who you are. He also asks that you learn to be content watching the drama around you without actively participating. In order to be successful at being in solitude you need to learn to set your personal boundaries so that you feel at ease and safe when you are around people.

Panda’s contrasting colors of black and white are significant in reminding you that you have both lightness and darkness within. Learn to acknowledge – and then embrace – the darkness with your light. They are also symbolic for the masculine and feminine energies within and the need to balance these energies.

Crystals that can help remember the medicine of the Giant Panda are:


Red Jasper

Solitude/Alone Time:

Desert Rose
Tangerine Quartz
Balance of Masculine/Feminine


Zebra Jasper
Watermelon Tourmaline