Spirit Animals – Phoenix

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This animal totem is Phoenix – Death/Fire, Rebirth/Renewal, Strength

Phoenix represents the cycle of death and rebirth through fire and of strength and renewed energy. His message is to have hope in the midst of despair and to flow with the seasons of events. Phoenix symbolizes the Sun, dying nightly to be reborn with the dawn.

Are you aware that many species of pine trees have cones that can only open and spread their seeds once a critical temperature is reached? Fire is the element that will ensure their release. Fire is necessary to clear out the overgrowth and underbrush so that new trees can sprout and grow. The same correlation can be made with you. All those negative, self-limiting beliefs that keep you stuck in place need to be cleared away so that you will be able to sprout anew. I am sure you all have heard the phrase “Trial by Fire”; we all will have at least one to pass through. Phoenix is asking you to remember that, after the fire, you will be transformed into something purer and closer to spiritual awareness.

Crystals to help you remember the message of the Phoenix are:
Death by Fire/Faith in the Process
Green Calcite
Golden Rutilated Quartz
Apache Tears
Moss Agate