Spirit Animals – Sunfish

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Sunfish have inspired myths and legends in all the cultures that have encountered them. The oldest written description of ocean sunfish was by ancient Roman philosopher Pliny the Younger – initially called porcus (pigfish), they were said to be the largest fish and would grunt at fishermen when caught. Pliny the Younger also noted that sunfish made loud noises when caught – eluding to the “croak” that they use to communicate when in distress, made by grinding their teeth together.

Polynesians, such as indigenous people of Hawaii, believe that killing slender sunfish is bad luck. They believe that slender sunfish are “makua”, the king of the mackerel, and that by killing a sunfish, mackerel will not find their way to the fishing grounds that the Polynesians depend on.

In 1600s Japan, the shōgun would accept a sunfish in lieu of taxes. In modern Japan, sunfish are beloved and swimming with the Mola is a popular pastime. The “sunfish Pokemon”, Alomomola, is even heart-shaped as a sign of the love that Japan has for them.

In British legend, St Piran, a famous healer, was kidnapped by pagans. He was tied to a millstone and thrown off the cliffs into the ocean. As he was pulled underwater, the millstone suddenly began to rush to the surface and he was able to grab onto it and be transported to a nearby beach. Was his millstone saviour really a sunfish? We’ll never know.

Ancient Californian indigenous people were the first people known to have encountered Mola mola, the ocean sunfish, almost 5000 years ago.

To see sunfish in a dream is a sign for a promotion at work, improvement in love life, satisfaction for the physical and spiritual needs. You will find peace. Working with Sunfish energies can also help you bring these things into your life!