Spirit Animals – The Frog

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Frog symbolizes Cleansing, Renewal (Rebirth), Fertility, Abundance, Transformation (metamorphosis), Life Mysteries and Ancient Wisdom. When Frog appears you are being asked to clear negativity and toxic energies from your environment as well as your mental, emotional and/or physical body. Honor your feelings and tears for they are cleansing. Frog can also support you with clarity of mind, knowing when to give energy and support to others and when to refresh, purify and refill energy to your soul. Frog is calling on you for a transformation – release of beliefs (or patterns of behavior) that no long serve your highest good. Associated with the water element, Frog may be asking you to get in touch with your intuition, the feminine energies, the mystery of nature and the elements. To best figure out your message, begin asking yourself questions related to the above messages such as, where in my life do I need to clear negativity? Do I have a place to go to refresh my soul? What can I do to make a positive transformation in my life? How can I get back in touch with the mystery of nature? And so on and so on. If Frog has come to give you a message you will know.

Crystals that will help you connect to the message of the Frog are:

Sage Smudge Sticks

Apache Tears
Orange Calcite

Intuition/Feminine Energies:
Narmada River Shiva Lingam