Spirit Beings – Abeona

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Origin: Italian, pre-Roman

Abeona is the spirit of literal and metaphoric departures. She protects children in general, but especially the first time they leave home. Abeona may be petitioned to provide for a child’s safety. Her name derives from a root verb indicating “to depart” or “go forth,” but which also references death, and so she may also be petitioned to provide protection beyond the realm of the living. She has dominion over all kinds of departures: marriage, the military, educational opportunities, and death. She may be petitioned to safeguard children in comas, whose souls may be understood as having temporarily departed, as well as in any situation in which a child has become distant or is no longer truly with you. Abeona works in conjunction with a sister spirit, Adeona, goddess of safe returns. Together, they teach babies to walk. Abeona also guards travelers.

Petitions: She is traditionally invoked by parents on behalf of their children and by travelers on behalf of themselves. Ideally, present the petition and make the offering before the journey begins so that she oversees the very first steps. Petition her in conjunction with Adeona if children do not begin walking at the expected age.

Altar: Create sacred space for her that incorporates gate and road imagery.

Offerings: Traveler’s talismans