Spirit Beings – Acat

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Origin: Maya

When the Conquistadores arrived in Central America in the sixteenth century, they were appalled to discover that not only did the indigenous people venerate spirits in the form of graven images; they also created indelible images of these spirits on their skin. Acat is the patron of tattoo artists. He presides over the tattooing process, especially for those who perceive tattooing as a spiritual rite. Acat sponsors tattoo artists.

Request that he bless your instruments; guide your hands; send you the right customers. If you are on a quest for just the right tattoo, Acat can help.

Request his protection from infection, mistakes, or harm.

Favored people: Tattoo artists, those who study sacred tattoos

Altar: Blend images of spirits, traditional Mayan imagery, and images of modern tattoos (flash, photographs, drawings).

Offerings: The obvious offering is a personal tattoo, but you can also offer tamales, tropical fruit, and traditional Mayan food.