Spirit Beings – Agathos

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Also known as: Agatho Daemon

The Romans and Hellenistic Greeks did not like deities in the shapes of animals. They liked their spirits to resemble humans. Adopted Egyptian spirits thus adapted in form.

• Agathos may be Agathodaemon in human form.

• He may be an emanation of Agathodaemon who developed into an independent spiritual entity.

• He may always have been a distinct spirit. Agathos is Lord of Vineyards and watches over fields of grain, peace, prosperity, and plenty.

He bestows wisdom, good health, and good luck. Agathos was venerated at home, traditionally by a family together. He shows his favor via a family’s good fortune (or lack thereof). Agathos guarantees that a family has sufficient food and drink.

Favored people: Barkeeps; those who own vineyards or grow artisanal grain

Manifestations: Agathos manifests as a snake or a handsome young man.

Attributes: Goblet; ear of wheat; poppies; cornucopia; staff or wand entwined by a snake

Consort: Agathos may be married to Tyche Agatha, spirit of good fortune.

Offering: Toast Agathos with a glass of wine at each meal; if you’re not drinking, then just set one aside for him.