Spirit Animals – Ant

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This animal totem is Ant – Persistence/Strength, Teamwork, Achieving Goals

Ant is persistent and diligent in his work. He will go to any level to complete his duties.  He will travel for miles to gather food, and if need be drag it or get help to bring it home. When encounters an obstacle, he will study it, then make a decision to go over it, around it, or take it with him. Patience is a major factor in Ant’s life.  He is not given to take the fast and easy solution to get work done. Rather, he is showing you that patience and persistence pays off, and in turn teaches you to develop these traits in all that you do.
Ant is not a solitary animal.  He lives in a highly structured community and possesses a collective mentality.  Each member knows its role and performs its tasks with diligence so that the whole can thrive and sustain each other.  There may be a social order within Ant’s community, but all members honor and respect each other and work towards the common good.  If their home is destroyed, everyone immediately goes to work to rebuild it.  He exemplifies team effort and the need to focus on the concerns of the greater good.  There is no false pride; working within the group is a sign of strength, not weakness.  Ant is teaching you how to let go of your ego, gain a deeper understanding of the members of your community, accept their worthiness, make your own contributions, and align yourself with equality.  This will bring peace and prosperity to you and the group.
For his size, Ant is one of the strongest animals.  Ant is teaching you how to harness your own power to design and create your life and its circumstances from the ground up.  Teamwork and cooperation are vital to the success of your efforts.  Work with diligence, conviction, and with others to turn your dreams into reality.  Ant is reminding you that you are not in this world alone.  You need to help others and receive the help of others in return.  You are part of a community.  Remember when you lift up others you are lifting yourself up too.  If the efforts are true, the rewards will follow in a time and manner that is beneficial.
Crystals to help remember the medicine of Ant are:
Dendritic Agate     
Tiger Iron     
Brecciated Jasper     
Mother of Pearl     
Achieving Goals:
Petrified Wood     
Yellow Jasper