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Swarovski Crystals are not actually crystals in the sense of natural stones. They are fine crystal glass made by Swarovski in Austria. Thus they have the energies of glass as well as color energies related to their color. They also bring positive energy, hope, joy, good luck, and diffuse negative energy.

Reds: Protection, courage, energy strong love, true love, passion, and courage: Use it to show strong, deep feelings of love, to overcome depression, to relieve feelings of weakness or fear. Associated with the Root Chakra.

Oranges: For personal power and self-esteem. Connected to the sun, attracts luck and success, assists in positive outcomes, friendliness, happiness, pleasure, family togetherness: Use to find new friends, bring people and family together, and to take away fear, low self-esteem, or insecurity. Associated with the Sacral Chakra.

Yellows: Communication, inspiration, protection, visualization, travel, warmth, clarity, optimism, mental growth, concentration, focus: Use yellow crystal when you are unclear about your direction in life and to feel more optimistic about someone or something. Associated with the Solar Plexus Chakra.

Greens: These are for healing. Help with money, luck, prosperity, grounding and nature. Use to give you strength and to help you succeed at anything. Associated with the Heart Chakra.

Blues: Calm emotions, sleep, healing, trust, faith, peace, patience, and honor: Use if you need to develop trust or want others to trust you. Use to forgive and be forgiven. Use to relax or relieve nervousness. Associated with the Throat Chakra.

Purples: Mysticism, purification, meditation, psychic work, subconscious, health, obedience, creativity, wisdom, self-knowledge, and intuition: Use to enlighten your spirit and decrease boredom. Use to gain deep insight into anything or anyone, including yourself.  Associated with the Third Eye and Crown Chakra (depends on the depth of color).

Pinks: Calm, soothes, stop distress, helps with love. They smooth difficulties in relationships, help with self-love, new love, new romance, and pain release: Use when you want to send love to someone new, to attract a new love, or to heal a broken heart.

Blacks: Self-control, grounding, resilience, quiet, power, and peace, protection, security. Black is the most powerful color as it contains all the colors within: Use to help you see all possibilities, to relieve fear, to feel safe and secure.

White / Clear: The Moon rules these. Cleanliness, purity, unity, innocence: Use to establish trust in the universe, to guide you when you don’t know where you’re going, to guide you to knowledge or understanding, especially of the spiritual world.

Brown: The color of stability and grounding in Earth.

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