Tarot Cards – Justice

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Affirmation: ‘Integrity and balance are important to me; I work towards creating harmony in my life.’

Ruling Planet: Venus

Ruling Zodiac: Libra

Kabbalistic Letter: Lamed

Stones: Cinnabar, Tiger’s Eye

Key words: Balance, truth, justice

Image: A robed figure stands facing us, in one hand a sword upraised, emblematic that justice will be done, while in the other hand the scales of justice are seen, not yet in the process of having achieved a balance. The card shows the law of cause and effect; the law of karma.


‘I am Justice and I show myself in many forms, not all of them equally obviously. I am not especially related to social conventions of justice, as these change continuously in accordance with the societies which they come from. I am the law of cause and effect which, simply stated, is that you will get back what you give out. Any genuine spiritual teacher will teach this, however unpopular it may be with the society which he or she comes from. One of the strongest illusions of the material plane is that you can escape me or, in other words, that you can escape from the ripples in the water which you yourself have created. Oftentimes, it may seem as though an injustice is committed in the world; the guilty go free on a technicality or the innocent are not protected. But this is another illusion of the material plane. Some believe that if you could see behind the veil of past incarnations which I stand in front of, you would see that when a guilty soul receives seemingly undeserved mercy in this lifetime, it is from some positive deed carried out previously. And vice versa: when a seemingly innocent soul undergoes apparent injustice, it is the cancelling out of some karmic debt from before. But only I know whether this is true or not, or whether it is just their way of blinkering themselves to the things which need changing in the world.’


Here in this card what we are seeing is a major balancing out of different aspects of your past, present and future taking place. At this time in your life, it is possible for you to restructure your life without any major crisis taking place as a result. This card is saying that you should not necessarily be on a continual clean-up and improvement campaign, especially in the area of your relationships. Instead, concentrate on the issues which are actively troubling the relationship: the rest you can safely afford to bypass for the time being. In this card we are looking at the law of karma – the law of cause and effect. This card is saying that in accordance with the seeds which you have sown, you will begin to reap the harvest: what will be relevant will be those things which you have thought, said or done. Therefore, look at how you can now influence the present situation while taking on board more responsibility, not less. You already have knowledge – you will find that you will come to exercise control by taking responsibility for what is going on around you. The way up for you is by moving in this direction: the way down is for you to run away, to retreat and to say to others, ‘Look at what was done to me’: don’t allow yourself to become a victim. You may find it helpful to sit down and write up all the negative acts of commission and omission which you have perpetrated: against yourself, against the opposite sex, against your family, against your deepest principles, etc. It is only by reviewing your own weak spots or ‘blind spots’, that you will become sufficiently aware to be able to avoid repeating them.


The Justice card represents that there’s a clear path to success in your vicinity. You’ll have to access balance and clarity, however, in order to find that path. Furthermore, you’ll have to learn, intimately, your own truth. Those who pull Justice should know that an important dilemma will surface in your life shortly, and your choice will determine so much. Make sure that you’re actively choosing in response to the dilemma rather than just reacting to the options instinctually. Take the time to think things out and embrace what is truly best.


In reverse, Justice signifies the existence of imbalance, dishonesty, and unfairness in reference to both the self and others. If you pull this card, look to your life to find what’s causing imbalance. Open a wide, discerning, introspective eye toward yourself to see where injustice or unfairness may be controlling your actions unintentionally.

WORLDLY ASSOCIATIONS: Negotiators, counsellors, therapists. Body-workers. Representatives.

POSITIVE QUALITIES: Agreement, accord. Truce. Ceasefire.

NEGATIVE QUALITIES: Stalemate. Indecision. Vacillation. Dithering.


The Meaning of Number 11

The Number 11 combines the energies of 1 and 1; it is said to represent spiritual awakening. In the tarot, 11 associates with Pages from the Minor Arcana and with the Justice card from the Major Arcana, but the number itself represents intuition, inspiration, and connection with one’s higher self. 11 demonstrates the importance of listening both to one’s inner voice and to the voices of the world in order to establish ethics, morality, direction, and a sense of righteousness.