Tarot Cards – Strength

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Affirmation: ‘I have the strength to overcome any obstacles.’

Ruling Planet: The Sun

Ruling Zodiac: Leo

Kabbalistic Letter: Teth

Path on the Tree of Life: Chesed (Mercy) to Gevurah (Power)

Stones: Bloodstone & Citrine

Key words: Courage, inner strength, discipline

Image: A woman gently holds open the mouth of a lion. She has no fear. The figure above her head is the infinity symbol, and her white robe is a symbol of innocence. Historically, the seventh card of the Major Arcana is also named “Fortitude.” In the standard deck, it is a woman who defeated a lion by merely appeasing it. She appears to tame it using gentle strength instead of brute force. Strength represents inner might or confidence. It’s all about asserting yourself gracefully and constructively. Generally, its appearance is a sign of good omen.


‘I am Strength and in me you see how the lower aspects of man’s nature may be commanded by the force of reason. The lion which you see me effortlessly holding is a symbol of the emotional nature of humanity, which is still basically wild, usually held back by the fear of the Emperor or the traditions of the Hierophant. With me you begin to get the first hint as to how we can begin to transcend our own tendency towards base emotionalism, through its distillation into spiritual awareness. With me you have a constant supporter in your quest for spiritual growth. There is little that can be achieved – in the long run – through self-restraint. Admittedly, the Emperor is needed, because at your present level of development you still need laws and rules to protect the weak and helpless. But it is I who shows you the direction which you must take in the long run.’


Great power is given under this placing. The Strength card has come up for you and is saying that through the conflicts which you have had with your own weaknesses, you have gained some degree of mastery over others. And vice versa: that through the conflicts you have had with others, you now stand much more in control of yourself, of your own energies, and are more single-minded. This card was traditionally represented in old Tarot decks as showing the battle between Hercules and the Nemean Lion. In more recent decks, the same principle has been shown by the image of a beautiful woman, serenely opening and closing the mouth of a roaring lion. The symbols are different in that in the former it shows the domination of one power by another, while in the latter it shows the transcendent influence of reason over passion. This latter image is more in keeping with what the Tarot is trying to say to you. It is saying that it is by keeping your cool that you will be able to come out in top of whatever situation of conflict you are going through, or are about to go through. Remember that the strongest weapon you have at your command at this time is the fact that you are not to rise to the bait of whatever provocation is made towards you. Above the head of the woman in this picture, we see a figure of eight on its side, the symbol of infinity, which means that no matter what is occurring on the outer level of action in your life at this time, it too will change and move on to become something else. Remember, just as the serenity of the woman is more powerful than the lion, so your own spirituality is a stronger force than the animalistic passions of yourself and also of others. This card is calling upon us to examine where our real strength lies. We are so often used to thinking of ourselves as ‘strong’, especially when in perfect bodily health. But are we? All it takes for us to be reduced to whimpering wrecks is to step on a nail and get an infection. Or to develop a soar throat. Many people get very angry when a loved one is sick or ailing, basically because it is a reminder of their own frailty. What are you doing with your own strength? Are you using it positively or are you wasting it on irrelevant jousting tournaments, left, right and centre? What are you doing that is helping others get in touch with their own strength?


In the past position, Strength card conveys that the querent’s current state of affairs comes from the fact that he faced difficulties with cleverness and level-headedness. Thus, he was able to benefit from those actions. In present position, it means that the querent is emotionally and mentally fit enough to draw favorable results that will benefit his future. If it appears in the future post, good results are certainly guaranteed. A pointer towards exercising your qualities of reason, rather than to respond with anger, injured pride or feelings of self-importance. The lion on his own can be a very destructive force, but when feelings are brought under the jurisdiction of the mind, then something much more positive can be derived. The Strength card demonstrates the peace of the Goddess that exists within every person. Both men and women have goddess blessings within that express as patience, understanding, compassion, and charisma. This card signals that those blessings are present and working to your advantage. Furthermore, Strength signifies the importance of faith and courage, even for feminine individuals. Strength reminds us all to get back in touch with our inner wildness in order to honor our highest selves.


Strength card serves as a reminder to slow down and consider things before making big decisions. Also, it may signify that the querent either lacks self-confidence or— the opposite— is overbearing. In reverse, Strength signifies a lack of courage that borders on fear. Instead of being brave and accessing one’s blessings, this card in reverse symbolizes that one is experiencing torment, hopelessness, and failed integrations (of any lessons the universe has presented). If you pull Strength in reverse, look out for places in your life where weakness or indecision could be holding you back, find stillness, and carefully examine your emotions and thoughts for clues about how to move forward.


The rights of man. The UN Declaration.


Self-esteem, respect for the rights of others. The dignity of one’s fellow-creatures.


No checks or balances. Power concentrated in too few hands.

Numerology with Strength

The Meaning of 8

The Number 8 is said to represent abundance itself. 8 is also a manifestation number that’s intimately connected with the divine. In many pagan calendars, 8 holy holidays were celebrated, and 8 still represents the number of seasonal holidays we hold dear. 8 demonstrates the importance of worship and celebration, as well as all that comes from that: prosperity and the essence of abundance.