Tarot Cards – The Chariot

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Affirmation: ‘I have choices, and I trust my intuition to make the decision that is right for me.’

Ruling Planet: The Moon

Ruling Zodiac: Cancer

Kabbalistic Letter: Cheth

Path on the Tree of Life: Binah (Understanding) to Gevurah (Power)

Stones: Chalcedony & Peridot

Key words: Decisions, choices, taking control

Image: A man drives a chariot at great speed, holding the reins of power tightly in his hands. His chariot is pulled by two horses, one white, the other black. They symbolize opposite qualities of his personality, over which he has been strong enough to make them pull in the same direction. A sense of great momentum is here, of irresistible force. On his shoulders are two crescent moons, feminine symbols, while on his breastplate is the Sun, a masculine symbol. On his head he wears the sign of three stars. The seventh card in the traditional tarot exhibits a princely figure riding a chariot with two monochromatic sphinxes— akin to the yin and yang concept — in front. The man holds a spear-like object. The person symbolizes self-control. The two sphinxes represent the positive and negative forces working in balance which also serve as a driving force to achieve a favorable outcome.


‘I am the Chariot and as you can see I am rushing past you on my way to even greater victory! I have achieved one of the greatest of victories already, in that I have learned how to balance my masculine and feminine. Many have misunderstood this concept and have confused the esoteric teaching in this with their own unresolved contradictions. In fact the teaching is how we achieve empowerment through being alternately active and passive, much as the tide is sometimes inflowing and then outflowing. In fact, if you look really closely at my belt, you will be able to see the astrological symbol of Cancer, which is a reference to the principle of tides and currents which I have just revealed to you. With me, you have the ability to advance when you have the opportune conditions and the knowledge of when to hold back until the situation changes again in your favour. By my strong mastery over the horses which I drive – in other words, my own desire nature – I am able to fix my mind upon that which I wish to attain and move rapidly towards those goals.’


In this card we see someone holding the reins of power in their hands and, we must suppose, the principle of strong leadership is being shown. But if we look in a little more detail, we can see that the reins of power which this man holds onto so determinedly are in fact connected to the two horses which drive his chariot. The fact is that although you may well feel empowered under this influence, remember that to a greater extent than you realize, your position depends upon the continued good will and co-operation of other people who are also involved in the situation with you. At the base of the chariot are two sphinxes, one white and the other black. They are saying that you will achieve balance here in your life by maintaining a sense of forward motion, not by staying passive, waiting for something to happen. At this point, great power is being given to you, possibly from a higher spiritual plane of being. You must use this extra energy by doing something with it – other people are waiting for you to take the initiative. You must now create a game plan and mobilize the human resources which are now available to you. If you don’t, rest assured that others will, and you will have missed an important chance. The Chariot is about the completion of projects, as well as their initiation. The wheels of the chariot invariably have to turn full circle if any sense of forward motion is to occur. It is telling you to look around in your life and see what needs to be completed. You may be reminded of promises you have made which you have since forgotten about. When the Chariot card comes up in a spread it hints that now is an ideal period to fulfil commitments. It also touches upon the danger of entering into commitments from which it is difficult to withdraw. After all, in order to draw a chariot forward, you need horses, and you can’t easily change these in midstream, can you? The Chariot, because of its link with the astrological sign of Cancer, also touches upon the principle of our defences, because just as a crab protects itself wherever it goes by carrying its shell on its back, so in this card we are looking at the defences which we each of us employ for our own self-protection. What are your defences? In what way do you hide behind them? Do you still need all of them, or can some of them be thrown away?


Great speed, movement, is being shown here. You must hold tightly onto your reins of power and maintain a sense of forward momentum. The race is on!The Chariot card signifies that any issues you’re working through will be resolved in a short time. It suggests that embracing control of your life will allow you to find both the peace and the change you desire in the situation. The Chariot insists on growth, mastery, success, triumph, journeying, development, and understanding. However, none of this success can happen without first struggling through conflict, so the Chariot card also assumes that trials have happened recently (or are happening) that will soon be resolved. The Chariot shows how even a successful person is a work in progress. The Chariot’s message depends on its positioning. If it appears in the past, it means that you experienced a life-changing event that gave an impact to your present and future. When performing in the present position, the card reminds you to exercise awareness so you will be capable of making healthy decisions.

Reversed Meaning

In reverse, the Chariot signifies interruptions in your path to success or blatant failures that stand in your way. It can also symbolize a loss of, or general lack of, control that leads to burnout. This card can represent upcoming danger, but it’s often a danger that will only affect your personality. Without careful consideration and alteration to your circumstances, you will stagnate, and your growth will be disastrously interrupted. Appearing in this position, it implies that the querent needs more control over his life. No worries, though, as The Chariot also indicates adequate strength and agility to overcome obstacles.


Bringing up children, as against just giving birth to them. Targets, objectives. Protective. Social services.


Caring, motherly, sincere.


Apron-strings, restrictive. Restrictive, domineering.

Numerology with The Chariot

The Meaning of 7

The Number 7 is said to represent magic itself. 7 is the number of mysteries, the occult, the divine, and what remains hidden (although often in plain sight). This number correlates with expanded education on many levels, too, whether that occurs through self-guided study, spiritual practice, metaphorically going back to basics, or literally going back to school. In sum, 7 demonstrates what can happen when you experiment, take risks, research, and develop your own inner magic.