Tarot Cards – The Hanged Man

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Affirmation: ‘This time of suspension gives me the time and opportunity to focus on what is truly important right now.’

Ruling Planet: Neptune

Ruling Zodiac: Sagittarius

Stones: Beryl, Selenite

Key words: Suspension, martyrdom, release

Image: A man hangs upside down from a tree, with one foot tying him there. From his face we see that he isn’t in any obvious pain. With one foot crossed over the other and his arms crossed behind his back he is making a series of triangles with his body, which is emblematic of the symbol of Water, the element of purification. Hanging by one foot for a day was at one time a punishment meted out to criminals.


‘I am the Hanged Man, strung up here as a punishment. Actually, I don’t much mind, because it gives me the chance to see things from a new perspective. It is interesting to invert commonly-held truths, because sometimes by looking at things from an upside-down perspective, we can get a glimpse as to how we can change things over.’


This card is looking at the principle of sacrifice at work in your life and it is saying that at the moment, you probably feel that people are making quite heavy demands upon your time, energy and money. Sometimes in our lives, we are called upon by fortune to give unselfishly to a particular cause, to friends, to relatives, to something which we believe in or are a part of. This is one such point in your life. Someone in your circle of activity is asking a particular favour of you, and it may well be your immediate reaction to say, ‘Well, what have you done to deserve such a favour?’ The answer would be, of course, that in all probability the other person would have done nothing – or at least very little. The presence of this card in your reading is suggesting that you shouldn’t be too calculating in terms of whether the things which are now being asked of you have been earned. At some earlier point in your life, you also were given support and help, and didn’t thank the person who had helped you. You weren’t expected to do so. Now, the time has come for you to do the same for someone else. At this point, show a sense of magnanimity, of generosity, of being big as a personality: in this way, you will win the favour of the Gods and earn for yourself an even greater blessing in the future. It may well seem that events have almost literally stopped taking place in your life; that you have arrived at a standstill. Enjoy this period of suspension. Because generally, when events seem to have stopped happening in the plane of action, it means that the whole experience is changing gear and that things are therefore happening on an even deeper level of reality. Another aspect of this card is that it can tend to show someone looking at the world upside down. Could that be you? In what way?


Don’t be so self-sacrificial. A period of temporary suspension of activities. Lots of hang-ups. Being blown around by the winds of public opinion.


In reverse position, The Hanged Man remind you that you’re making decisions hastily and this will surely bring unfavorable consequences later on. The querent must learn to slow down and carefully think before taking action.

WORLDLY ASSOCIATIONS: Dreamers, idealists. Impractical types.

POSITIVE QUALITIES: Unselfish. Vows of poverty. Vows of obedience. Psychotherapy. Self-analysis.

NEGATIVE QUALITIES: Too self-absorbed. Too wrapped up in one’s own problems. Hidden resentment. Covert hostility.


The Meaning of 12 The Number 12 combines the energies of 1 and 2; it is said to represent new beginnings based on liberation, independence, and self-reliance. In the tarot, 12 associates with Knights from the Minor Arcana and with the Hanged Man card from the Major Arcana, but the number itself represents what happens when you realize your life purpose and/or soul mission: everything fake fades away, and you become the most authentic version of yourself possible. 12 demonstrates that capability.