Tarot Cards – The High Priestess

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Affirmation: ‘I trust and follow my intuition; I receive the answers I am looking for.’

Ruling Planet: The Moon – the ‘mother’, the ‘trigger’, which brings into fruition all the latent conditions.

Ruling Zodiac: Cancer

Kabbalistic Letter: Gimel

Path on the Tree of Life: Kether (Crown) to Tipheret (Beauty)

Stones: Aquamarine & Labradorite

Key words: Intuition, wisdom, knowledge

Image: A woman stands in a temple, dressed in the robes of the officiating High Priestess. She is a woman of power, but by her gentle demeanour she obviously doesn’t have to over-exert her authority in order to get things done. In her hands she is opening a scroll, which contains certain mystical secrets only half-perceived by us as yet. In her headband we see the three phases of the Moon, suggestive of growth, preservation and decay. At her feet we see a crescent Moon, showing us that she rules over the instinctual nature, our subconscious minds and our dreams. Behind her we can get an impression of the sea, reminding us of the greatness of the power which she represents.


‘I am the force of the female and without me your lives will be dry like the desert. Your reason and logic are only very recently developed qualities of your mind. They came into existence when first you began working with the Magician and in his cleverness he showed you how to write, make tools, weapons, lay traps for animals, make ploughs and then ships. But before he came along I was with you during those many millions of years. It was my intuition within you that gave you the knowledge of when something was safe and when it wasn’t, of when a wild beast was just around the corner, even though with your physical senses you couldn’t perceive it. Even now, without me you couldn’t survive for long, because I tell you what your other senses cannot pick up on. You think all those millionaires have made their money just on the Magician’s logic alone? Think again, because without me they would never have intuited when to hold back and when to have taken the gamble. How ironic that those that rely on me the most so often give me the least credence!’

Divinatory Meaning

The High Priestess reminds us that the most powerful gift we have is our intuition. If you have pulled this card, her message is that you are likely not to be heeding yours. How many times have you thought to yourself, I knew I should have done this or that, but you allowed logic to override what your instinct was telling you? The High Priestess is sometimes known as the mediator, so you may currently find yourself in a situation that needs some balance. Do not allow yourself to be in a situation in which you are manipulated. Your inner voice is telling you what you need to know and you must learn to trust your own instincts. You may feel that you are not speaking your truth and having to hold your tongue. If you find it difficult to express your anger, worries or needs, then connect with the High Priestess, as her message is to trust your feelings. Ask yourself why you are having such difficulty in dealing with this situation and allow her guidance to flow. The High Priestess encourages us to meditate, or to find some time in our day to be at peace with ourselves. By practising quiet time, you will notice your own intuition and psychic abilities becoming stronger, and you will learn to recognize your instincts as a positive voice within you. The High Priestess is reminding you to listen to your deep inner feelings. Intuition is a primal instinct. We are all born intuitive, so reconnect with yourself. Read, use cards, buy a spiritual magazine, join a group, meditate – whatever you decide – but it is recommended that you take steps to help yourself to become more confident and learn to distinguish the difference between your thoughts and a psychic message. Do not involve yourself in gossip or situations that are not of your concern. The High Priestess is wisely advising you to step back and observe rather than allowing yourself to be dragged into a situation that does not concern you.


Reflect on what you have been going through. Learn to see your life in terms of tides: inflow and outflow. Use your mind as a mirror. You have all the knowledge you are going to need. Now you must let the knowledge you already have filter through from your subconscious to your conscious.

Reversed Meaning:

In reverse position, The High Priestess denotes hidden agendas, selfishness, and lack of intuition. It may also mean that an individual (or even group of people) who might be close to the querent is deceiving him. The High Priestess signifies that you’ll need to take a step back in life in order to access this divine feminine grace and insight. You might need to tone things down, or you may be caught up in delusions that distract you from this capacity. It’s time to find stillness and refocus so that things don’t turn disastrous.


Mothers, psychics, intuitives. Women teachers. Carers.


Telepathic, empathic. Survivalist.


Reactive. Located in the past. Hocus-pocus. Superstitions. Fears of what lies ‘out there’.

Numerology with The High Priestess

The Meaning of 2

The Number 2 is said to represent one’s relationships with others. It signifies connectivity, intimacy, and romance as well as platonic relationships of all sorts. 2 is about interplay, interactivity, and the choice you have within all those varying options. 2 demonstrates all that experience with others has to teach you.