Tarot Cards – The Lovers

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Affirmation: ‘I welcome new people into my life and attract those who are right for me.’

Ruling Planet: Mercury

Ruling Zodiac: Gemini

Kabbalistic Letter: Zayan

Path on the Tree of Life: Binah (Understanding) to Tipheret (Beauty)

Stones: Rhodocrosite & Ruby

Key words: Love, harmony, union

Image: Adam and Eve stand naked in front of the tree of life and the tree of forbidden fruit, representing vulnerability. The Archangel Raphael appears above them. The Major Arcana’s sixth card is generally considered positive since it symbolizes “love.” Two people stand embracing each other. They seem to be so complete, almost as if they were two facets of the same person. Around them we see dense foliage, suggestive of the creative force of nature. The sun beats down its rays strongly upon the Earth, symbolizing the Father’s interaction with the Mother. Great emotional intensity is shown here. The two lovers look into each other’s eyes, as if plumbing the depths of each other’s soul.


‘We are the Lovers, united by the emotion we feel for each other. United means brought together as one; no longer are we the two separate halves of which so many other couples are composed. What we have found in each other is the envy of the world. That is why people go crazy when two people fall in love, trying to bust it up or get in the way of the relationship successfully developing. We are like two halves who have found their way back to each other after many lifetimes of being separated. Many try to avoid discovering their own wholeness by desperately flinging themselves into a relationship with another. Hence the word “fling”. It has often been said that you must love yourself before another can, and there is much truth in this. To look for love from another before you have come to know, understand, accept and love yourself is like running without having first tied your shoelaces. It’s not impossible, but it is just possible that you could trip over. Every true love must go through a testing time; when the trust, faith and belief in each other will be placed on the anvil, and its true worth seen for what it is.’


This card has come up for you because it is talking about intensity in relationships that you are involved in with others. It is really saying that until now, your relationships have been pretty hit and miss as to whether they have worked out or not. Sometimes they have and sometimes they simply – and sadly – haven’t. Now you must begin to experience them from a new viewpoint, to realize that they are not just based upon affinity, but also upon communication and reality. In other words, you must see that your relationships depend not just upon feeling, but also upon how much you have in common with the other person and how well you are able to communicate with them too. This card is saying that in any relationship scenario, be it love or friendship, you must regard any upsets as a challenge to be overcome and not just as a barrier. Here we are also looking at the principle of duality in relationships. It may be that your partner is complementing certain aspects of your own personality – or challenging them. This card is saying that instead of reacting to whatever is going on in your love life, just relax and experience it instead. Life’s teachings come to each of us in many guises, sometimes in a very obvious form and sometimes in a less than obvious form. Here, the Tarot is saying, become aware of the fact that life’s teachings are coming to you through the kinds of relationships which are forming around you. Learn from them. But we are also looking at the principle of love in its wider sense. Whatever we love, we do well. In the realm of Tarot training, I know if someone is going to do well in their studies if they actually have a love of the Tarot. When this principle is at work in our lives, it is we who experience the fruits through both giving and receiving. For whatever – or whoever – we love, no time is too much to spend. We do not count. And thus we begin to tap into the universal spirit of giving which mystics have called God, or deity, or infinity. For those that have tasted of its essence, there can be no higher teaching than this. What – or who – do you most love? What is it about your object of affection that draws you towards it in this way? Does your life feel empty without someone or something special which you can be involved with? Or are you able to create something to be at the centre of your life?


The Lover brings generally foretells about romantic relationships or dynamic progress in a relationship. All positive elements are present for a harmonious union. Meanwhile, it may also mean good fortune and positive changes which are about to happen. This card Raises issues concerning your relationships with others. Is there enough love in your life? How would you like to see more? Are you giving out love so that you might get it back? What kind of people do you tend to select as possible partners? The card refers to emotional intensity and therefore commitments. Are you interested in establishing commitments or do you just want to have a good time? The card of the Lovers represents that love is headed your way. However, it insists that you cannot handle love if you’re not able to first love and appreciate yourself. The Lovers can be a signal that your twin flame is headed into your life, but it could also represent the urgent need for you to fall in love with yourself as your own twin flame. This card insists we appreciate the logic that the heart holds dear, for it is more valuable than many could ever imagine.

Reversed Meaning

However, a reverse position means betrayal or the presence of harmful elements (such as infidelity, manipulation or unrealistic expectations) that can lead to a break-up. In reverse, the Lovers signify that struggles in love are ahead. Whether it’s indecision, jealousy, unrequited or chaotic love, separation, or impotence, something’s about to be disturbed in your romantic haven. If you don’t have a partner, it could be that some issues are arising in your personality that are keeping you from experiencing self-love. Look to surrounding cards for clues as to how you can fix the situation.


All those involved in loving relationships. The sexually active. Those who have to choose who they are going to be with.


The beauty of love and sexual fulfilment.


Promiscuity. Guilt. Venereal diseases. AIDS.

Numerology with The Lovers

The Meaning of 6

The Number 6 is said to represent natural harmony or balance, and it is another number that suggests a union is in order. In this case, 6 represents the divine marriage between divine masculine and divine feminine, which can take place within each individual as well as between individuals in the world. It’s a number that demonstrates connection and the integrated knowledge that will emerge from it.